2014 Kingston Amish Consignment Auction

Kingston Amish Auction 2014

UPDATE: The auctioneer that I spoke with yesterday called me again today to let me know that he received his flyer in the mail and the auction is NOT when he was originally told. 

The 2014 Kingston Amish Consignment Auction is being held Saturday, June 14th

The time and location remain the same (see below)

After many, many phone calls, I received some information regarding the 2014 Kingston Amish Consignment Auction. Because this auction is held by the Amish themselves, and not an auction house, it's been a bit difficult for me to dig up the information. I'm not even sure if they have the flyers out. Last year I did not receive the flyer until the last week of May so hopefully it's still coming. 

For this particular auction, the Amish hire independent auctioneers instead of an auction company. I received a call back from one of the auctioneers yesterday and he did confirm that this year's Kingston Amish Consignment Auction is June 7th (update: JUNE 14th

I'm going to assume that the auction is being held at the Tri County Produce Auction, which is the same as last year. If the location is different, I will be sure to update. I'm also going to assume that it begins the same time as it did last year - 8:30 am. 

Tri County Produce Auction building
N1046 County Highway H
Kingston, WI 53926

As with all Amish auctions, payment accepted is cash and check with positive identification. 

There should be lunch, a bake sale, and fresh donuts available. 

If you have a chance, be sure to visit other stores in the area such as:

A&E Bulk Foods

Mischlers Country Store

Oven Fresh Bakery

Pleasant View Bakery

Be sure to note hours of operation for each store. 

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