Amherst Quilt, Craft, & Furniture Auction August 24th

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Saturday, August 24, is the Amherst Quilt & Consignment Auction, located at the Portage County Fairgrounds. 

This auction will include a huge flea market, lunch, and bake sale. You can view the quilts that will be up for auction from 7am - 9am. The craft auction will start at 8am, and the quilt auction will begin at 9am. 

Additional crafts, flowers, and outdoor furniture will also be available. The furniture auction will begin at 12 noon. 

4504 Fairground Rd., Amherst, WI 54406

Be sure to follow the signs to the auction.

If you can, get your bidding number early. The later the morning gets, the longer the line. 

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