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Amish R&R Candy Shoppe Coloma WI
For those of you interested in ordering Amish-made candy through the mail, R&R Candy Shoppe in Coloma, WI will ship any order to you for free as long as your purchase meets their minimum order of 6 lbs or more. If you can plan a visit there, be sure to stop Monday - Saturday since they are closed on Sunday (the Amish never conduct business on Sunday).

Amish R&R Candy Shoppe Coloma WI

Hours were not posted for this store but if you get there during normal business hours, most likely they will be open. We actually stopped there at 5pm on a Friday night and the "Open" sign was still posted on the door. And even though it seemed somewhat late in the day, there was actually another customer that pulled up right behind us. The downside to stopping at a store like this so late in the day is the bare shelves and lack of bakery selection. Since the Amish do not use refrigeration, you will almost always be guaranteed that your bakery purchase is fresh from that morning so getting there earlier is always better.  

Amish R&R Candy Shoppe Coloma, WI

R&R Candy Shoppe
W11178 Cumberland Rd
Coloma, WI 54930

R&R Candy Shoppe crafts their homemade candy with kerosene burners, Wisconsin-made butter, and their fudge is made with goat milk. You really can't beat the taste of candy like this when it's made in small batches. 

Their brochure features their best seller - Cashew Crunch. They also make chocolate covered cashew crunch. Two items I noticed that I haven't come across before in an Amish candy shop were date balls and chocolate Dutch balls. They also sell fresh Maple syrup from local trees, handmade wooden spoons, canned pie fillings, and jams. 

All items below, available to purchase through the mail, are $5 for 1/2 lb and $9.50 for 1 lb. Note that your minimum purchase must be 6 lbs. 

  • Cashew Clusters
  • Cashew Drops
  • Cashew Crunch (their bestseller)
  • Chocolate Covered Cashew Crunch
  • Craisin Clusters
  • Craisin Cashew Clusters
  • Chocolate Dutch Balls
  • Rocky Road
  • Peanut Cluster
  • Nut Goodies
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries (seasonal - see note below)
  • Coconut Bon-Bons (seasonal - see note below)
  • Turtles (seasonal - see note below)
  • Mint Wafers (seasonal - see note below)
  • Date Balls (seasonal - see note below)
  • Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Butterscotch Fudge
  • Dark Chocolate Fudge
  • Maple Nut Fudge 

All seasonal items only ship October 1st - April 1st. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items via mail, please leave a comment and I will email you an order form (eventually I will have a link to a printable order form). The only form of payment they can take for postal orders is check. 

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Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Another place to visit while on the western side of the state is the Viroqua Farmer's Market. Located at 116 South Rock Ave, this popular farmer's market has goodies for everyone. 

The Viroqua Farmer's Market is held May - October each Saturday from 8 am - noon. 

Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Among the local vendors, farmers, and craftsmen, you will find Amishmade wares and goods sold by the Amish themselves. 

Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Double J-R Bison Ranch Viroqua, WI

One of the vendors we discovered at the Viroqua Farmer's Market was Double J-R Bison Ranch. 

I am very adamant when it comes to the meat I purchase for my family. It has to be grass fed, grain fee, antibiotic and hormone free. Unfortunately, this kind of meat is difficult to find in the area I live. And if I can find it, it's usually $10 or more per lb. 

I was so disappointed for not bringing a large cooler with when we were in this area. The prices on bison from Double J-R Bison Ranch are fantastic. So fantastic that we plan on going back to the area this month to purchase their bison in bulk. 

If you are interested in purchasing bison from Double J-R Bison Ranch, the contact information is below:

Double J-R Bison Ranch
S4908 Nottingham Rd.
Viroqua, WI 


They do have frozen bison ready for purchase at the Viroqua Farmer's Market. They also had Buffalo Jerky and Buffalo Sticks among other items. 

Note: Double J-R Bison Ranch does not ship and they are not Amish.

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Trail's End Amish Walmart Onatrio, WI

One of the most interesting Amish stores in Wisconsin that I have ever run across is located in the western part of our state in Ontario. Close enough to Cashton, Westby, Viroqua, and Soldier's Grove, Trail's End is way up on a high ridge and the final destination on a dead end road. As a matter of fact, the first time I discovered this place, I had thought we were driving on private property. 

Known to the locals and the Amish of the area as the Amish Walmart, I personally find it to be a mixture between a junk yard, 7 Mile Fair, and vintage and antique lovers paradise. I have never left there empty handed. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

There is only one sign directing you to Trail's End, and that sign is somewhat vague without the arrows that we normally see on Amish built signs. As you can see above, the sign is on the opposite side of the road that leads you to Trail's End. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End is open Friday and Saturday only. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Below are a few tips for visiting Trail's End:

  • Bring a flashlight. Depending on the weather and the time of day, the inside of the store can be quite dark. 
  • Wear sturdy shoes. If you plan on exploring the back area or the large pole shed attached to the store, do not walk around in sandals or flip flops. 
  • Do not allow children to wander. The back area can be dangerous. There are trailers filled with heavy and rusty items that could easily hurt someone.
  • Wear gloves. If you plan on searching for treasures, you will need gloves. 
  • Don't be afraid to haggle. I've talked the cashier down in price every time I have made a purchase. 
  • Bring cash or a check. They do not accept credit or debit cards. 
  • Watch for wandering animals. There are hogs, cows, chicken, and other animals wandering the entire area. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin
Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

When you walk in the store, you will only be in one part. If you walk to the middle and turn right, there will be a closed door. That door leads you to the attached pole shed where you can still look around. Please be careful in this area. As you can see from the photo above, which was taken in the attached pole shed, there are items like the board with nails sticking out. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Every time we do visit Trail's End, I make a beeline for the shelving to the right when you walk in the doors. I am always able to find vintage blue Mason jars with zinc lids for $3 and under. The ones above were only $2.50. For those that know anything about vintage blue Mason jars, you may be a bit jealous of me right now. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Behind the Trail's End building is where the "junk yard" is. There are definitely some interesting items back there but again, please be careful. 

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin
Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Trail's End 
S302 A Little Ridge Road
Ontario, WI 54651

Hours: Friday & Saturday
8 am - 6 pm

Trail's End will also buy and trade.

Trail's End Amish Walmart Ontario Wisconsin

Above is a photo of some of the items we purchased on our last visit to Trail's End. 

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