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5/6/2013 6:18:38 PM CST

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The LaCrosse Tribune reported of an accident Friday night in Trempealeau County. The David Wengerd family was traveling in their buggy on Hwy 50 east of Whitehall and was struck by a car. David was traveling with his wife and 7 children. The driver, a 19 year old man from Strum, WI, was arrested for failing to yield to a slow-moving vehicle and inattentive driving. 

All of the Wengerd family, except for David have all been released from the hospital. David requires surgery on his lower legs. 

The law requires us to yield to motorcycles, pedestrians, farm vehicles, and bicyclist. The same law applies to buggies. In most Amish communities, the buggies will have an SMV (slow-moving vehicle) triangle affixed to the back. 

Please use caution when driving on roads in these communities and watch for road signs. Like in the situation above, the buggy is most likely carrying an entire family. 

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