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5/22/2013 8:20:29 PM CST

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I had the opportunity to visit the bakery of my Amish friend today. They were in the middle of making cookies for Friday and Saturday sales and the aroma coming from the oven was divine. It was impossible for me to walk out of there without a few dozen cookies to take home. 

Nature Trail's Bakery run by Levi and Lizzie Schmucker is located in Marquette County in Montello. Open Friday and Saturday from 8am - 5pm. You can click here for a map to the bakery. The bakery is located near John Muir Memorial County Park. 

Nature Trail's Bakery
N531 12th Ave
Montello, WI 53949

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The cedar sided bakery is located at the end of a long driveway on the right side. Their home and barn will be to the left. Please be respectful by staying off and away from their personal property. 

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I find the prices at Amish bakeries to be very reasonable, if not cheaper than Englisch bakeries.

Loaves of homemade white bread and whole wheat bread are $2.75. 

7-Grain bread and garlic cheese bread is only $1.75.

Cinnamon rolls, which the large size is usually the size of a dinner plate is only $4.25. The smaller ones are only $1.25.

Pecan rolls are only $5 for the large size or $1.50 for the small.

Blueberry, pecan, and custard pies are all $7.25 for the large and $3.50 for the small. 

Remember to pay with cash and if traveling a good distance away, bring a cooler for your items. And before you put your goodies in the trunk, grab a bag of those cookies because you will not be able to resist eating one (or 3) before you get home. 

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