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H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture on Amish In Wisconsin

One of the most talented Amish woodworkers I have come across in my travels across the state has definitely been the owner of H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture in Cashton, WI. 

H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture on Amish In Wisconsin

Henry, the owner, is not only incredibly young, but is self-taught and still has the ability to skillfully craft gorgeous pieces of furniture out of old barn wood as if he has been doing it for over 50 years. And of course, like all Amish, he is modest about it. 

H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture on Amish In Wisconsin

His pieces have gained some attention from larger hotels across the United States and he is now making chairs, tables, and benches in large quantities. During our last visit, he was in the middle of making a massive sliding barn door for a hotel down south. 

H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture on Amish In Wisconsin
One of the things I noticed about his pieces is that they were modernized for being Amish made. Most of the Amish made furniture I usually come across has a very country look to it. Henry's furniture pieces belong in a Pottery Barn catalog. When I asked him where he gets his design ideas from, he said they were just ones he would put in his own home. His early success probably has something to do with that. 

Amish Made Little Free Library on Amish In Wisconsin

Another thing that keeps him exceptionally busy is making hundreds of Little Free Library boxes. When he was originally commissioned to make these Little Free Library boxes, it was only a handful at a time. Now, he is making hundreds at a time to keep up with the demand. 

Little Free Library boxes are becoming more and more popular in neighborhood all across the country. Some of you probably have noticed them in your own city or town.

Amish Made Little Free Library
For more information on Little Free Library, go here

H&L Rustic Reclaim Furniture on Amish In Wisconsin
If you are looking to purchase barnwood, like I was, he has some of the best looking boards I have come across yet. 

H&L Rustic Reclaim
28681 Cty. Hwy. U
Cashton, WI 54619

Hours are not posted, but the shop is usually open between 8 am - 5 pm 
Closed Sunday

If you would like to contact Henry by phone, please email me via my contact page

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Another one of my favorite stops in the Kingston/Dalton area is Oven Fresh Bakery. What I like so much about this stop is that it's not just a bakery with freshly made bread, pies, and donuts. They also have handwoven baskets, soup mixes, chocolate candy, rugs, small furniture, toys, and more. 

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This location is larger than Pleasant View Bakery so you will not have to wait in line and is also wheel chair accessible. As with all Amish stores in this area, they only accept checks and cash.


Oven Fresh Bakery
W5320 County Road FF
Dalton, WI 53926

Hours: Open Year Round
Friday and Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

You can go here to see this location on Google Maps. 

To see photos of the goods Oven Fresh Bakery has to offer, go here or click below. 


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On Grand River Road in Markesan, WI, you will find a small Amish bulk food & candy store - A&E Bulk Foods. This happens to be my favorite stop in the area. I may be a bit bias though because my closest Amish friend is there each Saturday. Her name is Mary Kathryn and if you do stop by, please tell her Rose sent you. Smile

I find the prices at A&E Bulk Foods to be better than the other bulk food stores in the area. However, A&E does offer a limited selection. If you are not a fan of strong coffee, be sure to purchase a cup of their freshly brewed coffee. It is absolutely fantastic even without sugar or creamer. I always make sure I drink one while in the store chatting, and purchase another for the road. 

If you are wondering what A&E stand for, it's not Amish & English like we had originally thought. A&E stands for Aaron & Emma, the proprietors. 

A&E Bulk Foods
W3890 Grand River Road
Markesan, WI 53946

Open Monday - Saturday
8am - 5pm

See a map here.

A&E Bulk Foods also sells Grandma's Candy. If you are looking for a special order, just let them know! Remember, only cash and checks accepted. 

Click here or the image below to see the photo gallery

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