Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Another place to visit while on the western side of the state is the Viroqua Farmer's Market. Located at 116 South Rock Ave, this popular farmer's market has goodies for everyone. 

The Viroqua Farmer's Market is held May - October each Saturday from 8 am - noon. 

Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Among the local vendors, farmers, and craftsmen, you will find Amishmade wares and goods sold by the Amish themselves. 

Viroqua, WI Farmer's Market

Double J-R Bison Ranch Viroqua, WI

One of the vendors we discovered at the Viroqua Farmer's Market was Double J-R Bison Ranch. 

I am very adamant when it comes to the meat I purchase for my family. It has to be grass fed, grain fee, antibiotic and hormone free. Unfortunately, this kind of meat is difficult to find in the area I live. And if I can find it, it's usually $10 or more per lb. 

I was so disappointed for not bringing a large cooler with when we were in this area. The prices on bison from Double J-R Bison Ranch are fantastic. So fantastic that we plan on going back to the area this month to purchase their bison in bulk. 

If you are interested in purchasing bison from Double J-R Bison Ranch, the contact information is below:

Double J-R Bison Ranch
S4908 Nottingham Rd.
Viroqua, WI 


They do have frozen bison ready for purchase at the Viroqua Farmer's Market. They also had Buffalo Jerky and Buffalo Sticks among other items. 

Note: Double J-R Bison Ranch does not ship and they are not Amish.

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