Mischler's Country Store in Dalton, WI

For those of you who have been to the Dalton area, I'm sure you are familiar with Mischler's Country Store located on Barry Rd. This is the most active Amish store in the area due to it's size and goods offered.

Almost every time we visit this store on a Friday or Saturday, the parking lot is so full of cars and buggies we have to park in the overflow lot. 

I don't mind that too much because that gives us a chance to take a peek at the peacocks. 

At Mischler's Country Store you will find a huge variety of bulk foods, bulk spices, produce, canned and jar goods, kitchen utensils, oil lamps, herbal medicines, doilies, cookbooks, candy, gifts, toys, and more. 

Be prepared with cash or your checkbook. 

Mischler's Country Store
Hours: Open year Round
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

W5209 Barry Road
Dalton, WI 53926
They offer many different bulk food items. Most people are under the impression that the Amish make all of the good sold in their stores. In the bulk food stores like this one, that is not the case. They simply purchase the goods in large quantity and then package it to sell. If you are looking for homemade goods, keep an eye out for roadside stands or signs directing you to a farm. That is where you will find homemade noodles, pies, breads, and jarred foods. 



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